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Hot Nude In Public Action -Sexy Girl Tess Toys In Public

Tess has always been something of a kink lover and one of her favorite fetishes of all time is flashing her tight slit and her perky tits out in public. Usually Tess will just flash her tits or lift up her skirt to get the thrill and once her pussy is dripping wet she finds a secret spot where she can slide her fingers over her dripping wet pussy and make herself cum. A couple of days ago though Tess decided to do something a little more extreme, she wanted to see just how hot and horny she could get and so she slipped her favorite toy in to her bag and headed out to the park. When Tess got to the park she sat down with her back to a woman and set up her camera. As her camera started to take pictures on a timer Tess got more and more brave. At first Tess just spread her legs but soon her slit was dripping wet and she just couldn’t resist pulling out her toy from her bag and teasing her wet pussy just a little bit. The more she toyed though the hotter she got and soon she had her skirt up around her waist and was pushing that toy deep in to her slit!

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