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Sexy Girl Liza Gets Nude In Public

Liza has always been as naughty as they get, in fact she’s been arrested a few times for nudity in public but she just can’t help it. There’s a sort of rush that Liza gets when she nude in public, knowing that she could get caught at any minute, knowing that total strangers could walk up on her and catch her. Luckily for Liza generally police and other passersby enjoy the show entirely too much to get her in trouble but once in a while she catches someone on a bad day and she winds up getting herself in to trouble! Surprisingly last weekend when Liza stripped off completely on the concrete steps by the river she didn’t get in to any trouble at all – in fact she got a few phone numbers instead. She started off just teasing out there but soon all that teasing became too much and she couldn’t help herself. She stripped off completely and as she sat there on the steps she started to tease her delicious pussy and those perky titties as well!

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