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Pussy Flashing On Campus – Hot Public Nudity Action!

Jessie has always been pretty shy on campus and while she had her own group of friends she liked to keep to herself for the most part. When Jessie had spare time she didn’t like to get together with friends or go to parties or anything, she’d much rather take a book out to the green and sit out in the sun for a while. One day though Jessie made a new friend in an art student but it didn’t happen the way one might have expected it to because rather than just strike up a conversation the guy just snuck up on Jessie and started clicking that camera like crazy! Jessie was so embarrassed especially when she realized that she hadn’t put panties on and that the reason he was clicking away was that he had caught a flash bare shaved pussy of her ! She had been sitting with her knees bent and her feet propped up and he had caught sight of her pussy as he walked by and not knowing what to say but wanting to look longer he started snapping away with the camera! The more he clicked though the more she started to get pretty turned on by the idea!

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